NFL on Local TV in Roanoke, VA

Why don’t the local CBS and Fox stations show 2 NFL games apiece each Sunday during football season? My local CBS station is only showing 1 game today, and it’s not the Baltimore Ravens game. I would consider the Ravens the local AFC favorite, but the local station is showing the Browns/Giants game instead.

The local CBS station here has 3 digital channels. Why can’t they show a different game on each of the digital channels. Instead, they have the Browns/Giants game on one of the channels, Orioles baseball on the second channel, and local weather radar on the third. I can live with the Orioles game on the second channel, but they should have a football game on the third channel.

The local Fox station is showing 2 games this week, but they only have 1 listed for Sunday, 10/3. Once again, why can’t they show 2 games? The networks shell out huge sums of money to broadcast NFL games, so why don’t they get the most out of their investment and show me as many as they can?