Response From Local CBS Affiliate About NFL Games

Yesterday, I asked my local CBS affiliate (WDBJ) why they did not show the Baltimore Ravens (the local AFC team) game and why WDBJ did not show 2 games yesterday. Here’s the response I received:

  1. We opted for the Cleveland/Giants game sine if Lee Suggs had played, it
    would have featured two running backs from this market, with Suggs and
    Unfortunaetly Suggs was a game time scratch and we can’t change games at
    the last minute.
  2. When Fox has the NFL doubleheader, CBS gets a single game, and then when
    CBS has the doubleeader, Fox gets the single game.

  3. Mike Bell
    Program Director

    I’m not happy with their decision to not show the Ravens game, but I can understand why they decided to show the Browns/Giants game – an attempt to get higher ratings. The answer to # 2 doesn’t make sense, because there were was a game on CBS at 4pm yesterday – Broncos/Chargers.