Pacers-Pistons Brawl

I just watched the Pacers-Pistons brawl on IFILM, and there was no excuse for that fight. Something like that should never happen. Artest wanted time off to promote his rap album, and he got it by way of a 1 year suspension for his part (the primary part) in the brawl. Of course, Artest doesn’t think the suspension is fair, and the player’s union lawyer is appealing Artest’s suspension.

Bill Walton got it right when he said Artest’s punishment was too soft. Pacer’s President of Basketball Operations, Larry Bird, said he supports Artest 100%. I guess that’s what he has to say. Reggie Miller was suspended for one game for leaving the bench when the video showed that he left the bench to try to calm Artest down. The Pistons fans share some responsibility for this too, and those who took part should be punished.