Thanksgiving Sucks When You’re Away From Your Family

Thanksgiving is depressing when you’re away from your wife and kids on Thanksgiving Day. My mother-in-law decided that she wanted to take our two oldest children to Disneyworld Thanksgiving week. I said no, but my wife said yes. I finally agreed to let them go if my wife went, too. I don’t understand why my mother-in-law had to pick Thanksgiving week. So, this Thanksgiving sucked. It sucked even more than these:

  • The year I was in basic training on Thanksgiving. Thankfully, it was the last day of basic training.
  • The year I had guard duty. By the time I was relieved, the mess hall had closed, so dinner was a 7-Eleven hot dog.
  • The year my mother-in-law took us to the Holiday Inn for a Thanksgiving buffet. The food wasn’t very good.
  • The year my mother managed a laundromat and decided she would open the laundromat on Thanksgiving day and serve the family dinner there. Yes, in a laundromat.
  • The year my wife drug me to her boss’ house for Thanksgiving dinner with her boss and her boss’ eccentric German grandmother.
  • The year I cooked dinner while my girlfriend and her brother got inebriated and he and his girlfriend got into a fight.
  • The year my pregnant sister and her husband showed up for dinner. She met and married her husband 4 months earlier while he was working a booth at a carnival. He skipped town a couple of weeks after that and hasn’t been seen since.
  • The year we ate Thanksgiving dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Yes, we actually ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant that year