Ashville, AL Barbecue Vendor Can Keep Selling Barbecue For Another Year

Following up on the story about the Ashville, AL barbecue vendor who was on the verge of being legislated out of business, it looks like he can continue cooking and selling barbecue for another year.

On December 7, 2004, The Ashville, Alabama City Council failed to pass a resolution to deny a business license to a street vendor who sells barbecue two days a week on the court square.

The council deadlocked 3-3 on the move to deny the license to David Hudson, who parks a pickup and trailer on the square every Wednesday and Friday to sell Boston butts, barbecue sandwiches and other items. Mayor Robert McKay said the deadlock means that Hudson will be issued a new license for 2005.

McKay said some Ashville restaurant owners complained about the business. McKay was sympathetic to those complaints and said he thought Hudson’s operation was unfair to establishments that pay utility bills, rent and other fixed costs.

Hudson said he might move his business to Odenville at least one day a week. He said recent news coverage of the controversy boosted his business.

Originally from Everything Alabama.