Redskins Can Still Make The Playoffs, But They Need Help

Rich Tandler said that the Redskins can still make the playoffs if several things happen.

  • The Redskins must win their last 2 games against Dallas and Minnesota.
  • 6 of the following 7 teams must finish 7-9 or worse: Minnesota, Saint Louis*, Carolina, Tampa, Detroit, Chicago, and New Orleans.
  • Saint Louis needs to lose to Arizona and Philadelphia
  • *If Saint Louis finishes better than 7-9, the Redskins need Seattle to finish 7-9.
  • The Giants also need to lose one of their last two games.

Where do we stand after the weekend?

  • Minnesota is now 8-8, so their record is out of the equation.
  • Tampa, Detroit, and Chicago lost and now have 9 losses. They’ve done their part and are out of the equation.
  • Saint Louis lost to Arizona, so now we need for them to lose to Philadelphia this week. I never thought I’d say this, but Go Eagles.
  • Seattle lost and is now 7-7. Let’s go Arizona – beat Seattle.
  • Carolina lost to Atlanta and is now 6-8. We need for them to lose to either Tampa this week or New Orleans next week. Go Tampa
  • New Orleans won and is now 6-8. We need for them to lose to either Atlanta this week or Carolina next week. Let’s go Atlanta.
  • The Redskins must beat Dallas this week and Minnesota next week. Go Skins!
  • The Giants still need to lose one of their last two games, so go Bengals.

So, if the Redskins win this week and Saint Louis, Carolina, New Orleans, and the Giants all lose this week, the Redskins will just need to win their last game against Minnesota to get into the playoffs. It’s possible.