Paul Sausser Has a Criminal Past

Paul Sausser, who now runs Sausser Farms, served jail time and paid restitution for a 2002 criminal conviction for writing bad checks in Pennsylvania.

After serving 3 months in jail, a judge sentenced him to 3 years probation, and the prosecution agreed to drop other charges that included “theft of services and theft by deception.”

He violated probation in 2006 when he failed to pay restitution, fines and court costs of $16,967, and he was sentenced to another 3 years probation.

As usual, he had an excuse – it was due to a messy divorce.

His probation ended in November 2009, and he bought the farm in Phenix, VA in December 2009.

His occupation in Pennsylvania was listed as a home builder, but he advertises himself as a 3rd generation farmer here.

How does that work? My grandfather was a farmer. If I decide to become a farmer, does that make me a 3rd generation farmer?

The Roanoke Times has the story.