All I did today was take a shower and read a book. I forgot how much I liked the peace and quiet.

  • There‚Äôs no traffic/street/city noiseNo dogs barking
  • No cackling neighbor
  • No mother-in-law pestering me about something
  • No dog that needs to be exercised
  • No cat in my face
  • No kid that needs to be taken to work
  • No need to cook a meal
  • No dishwasher to unload and load
  • No laundry to do
  • No dirty house that needs to be cleaned
  • Nothing that needs to be repaired
  • No list of projects that need to be done
  • No grass that needs to be mowed
  • No lawn mower or weed eater noise
  • No traffic to deal with
  • No work projects that need to be done
  • No family finance spreadsheet
  • No need to wear a mask
  • No wondering if the person in front of me is going to make me sick
  • The TV doesn’t work, so no CNN or MSNBC

This is the only Corona on my mind today:

I guess I spoke too soon because my mother-in-law has figured out how to pester me via text message.