Farm Report Is Fading Away

Rural Americans losing familiar radio voices (

The Farm Report is getting harder to find on the radio. It’s a victim of radio consolidations and creeping suburbia. Until I moved to the Roanoke area, I listened to a farm report nearly every day for close to 30 years. Even when I lived in Richmond, I was able to catch the farm report on WSVA in the mornings before class.

Agriculture is still a big part of the Roanoke area, but there’s no farm report on the radio here. I think that’s another example of how radio in Roanoke fails to identify and serve its customers. Why doesn’t Roanoke have a local radio station like WSVA that actually has local content and makes a genuine effort to serve the needs of the community (its customers)? I guess I need to try installing a large, directional AM antenna to pick up WSVA.